REAL ESTATE DIVISION The Company entered the Infrastructure primarily to setup IT Parks Housing projects and has also acquired properties in Hyderabad and Goa . the projects are in an advance state of completion.

In the last decade or there about, a phenomenal growth of Infrastructure development in India has been witnessed. This has been a result of the recent growth experienced by the Industrial Sector more so in the Information and Technology Sector. Taking a leaf out of these phenomena Surana Group has set up a Infrastructure Division.Presently the Group is engaged in setting up IT Parks& Housing Projects in Hyderabad, Pune, Goa & Vizag

Surana Tech Zone
Hyderabad has transferred into a major IT Hub and to facilitate the growth of IT Sector, Surana Group has acquired a prime property near Uppal at Hyderabad.
The project has a built-up area of 9,00,000 Square Feet with a combination of IT Space, Commercial & Entertainment facilities. The project is in the advance stage of completion.

Success Story
Since its modest beginning in the year 1978, the Hyderabad based Surana Group, has single mindedly worked towards
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