Brief Profile

Brief Profile

Founded in 1978, the Surana Group is now one of the country's leading industrial houses, focusing on the niche areas of Telecommunications, Metallurgicals and Electricals. Meticulous planning, clear vision, long-term strategies and sheer strength of purpose have stood the test of time and have placed the group in the enviable league of the few top-of-the line corporate houses in the Indian industry. With a fixed assets base of over US $ 100 million and almost a 1500 strong workforce, the group has achieved a stupendous US $ 300 million annual turnover.

Strict adherence to quality standards and timely corrective action in case of divergence has earned the ISO 9002 certifications for both the companies and their various divisions. Conscientiously, the company has drawn up an import substitution strategy that calls for very little investment in foreign exchange.

Pursuing new businesses, acquiring special expertise and applying it to the client's advantage is a way of life at Suranas. The group remains undefined and clearly defined by its characteristics of delivering on time, controlling costs, managing remote and complete operations and paying constant attention to customer focused growth. Bold leadership and innovative minds have brought about a synergy that has in turn invoked a powerful and potent combination of expertise and excellence, the Surana way.

Inspiring excellence
A saga of strength and achievement

Since its modest beginning in the year 1978, the Hyderabad based Surana Group, has single mindedly worked towards exceeding customer satisfaction in terms of quality of the product and service. Powered by Professional team of visionaries, with an experience of over four decades, today Surana Group is a well-diversified conglomerate with focus on niche areas of Telecommunications, Copper rods, Copper Pipes, Copper Sheets, Copper Foils and Power Cables, having established itself in Wind Power generation the group is now entering Solar Power and is making giant strides in Infrastructure, Entertainment and Tourism. The core businesses of Surana Group are in a diverse range of industries firmly rooted in high growth sectors and are today a Pan India enterprise.

Bhagyanagar India Ltd.,

The core businesses of Surana Group are in a diverse range of industries firmly rooted in high growth sectors and are today a Pan India enterprise.

Surana Telecom & Power Ltd.,

The company currently operates in two main business segments & Power Sector. In its list of products it has Jelly Filled Telephone Cables, Optical Fiber Cables, Assembly of CDMA Mobile hand sets Fixed wireless Telephones, Power Cables.

Surana Solar Ltd.,

The Company is setting up a fully automated Silicon Wafers & Solar Photovoltaic module manufacture unit with an installed capacity to produce 200MW and is also in the advance stage of finalizing 35MW thin film Solar Power project,And also installed 50MW solar power plants.

Bhagyanagar Copper Pvt Ltd.,

has started its operations in 2018 after acquiring a land parcel of about 75 acres in Tupran on the outskirts of hyderabad. The company's state of the art manufacturing facility is currently operating at a capacity of 30MT per day (of copper melting and refining) with a manpower of over 800 people. This makes it one of India's fastest growing and largest copper companies

Bhagyanagar Entertainment.,

In tune with the culture and traditions of India the company plans to develop a theme park at Shamirpet on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Spread across 21 aceres of greenery this park will represent India in all its glory and glamour.

Quality that stands the test of time

Strict adherence to quality standards and timely corrective action in case of divergence has earned the Surana Group ISO 9002 Certification. Each Company has system driven processes for manufacturing of various products and operations, following quality process at every stage to ensure delivery of high quality product and services.

Balance of Power

To reward the employees for their enterprise and dedication. Surana has evoked and put in practice, a unique Employee Director policy whereby, one member of the team represents the entire workforce on the Board, and is given equal rights and say in the functioning and decision - making of the company. This kind of employee participation has ensured that the Surana employees are a dedicated enough to face any challenge with conviction and tackle progress with distinct flair.

Profit & Progress

Mounting success and impressive results has led us to new realms of achievement. With a fixed asset base of over US $ 100 million and annual turnover of over US $ 300 millions. The group envisages achieving the turnover of over US $ 500 million in near future.

Non- Conventional Energy

  • Surana Solar Ltd
  • Surana Green Energy Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Wind Power
  • Bhagyanagar India Ltd
  • Copper Division
  • Atomic Structure
  • Nanostructure
  • Semiconductors
  • Metal Alloys
  • Elly Filled Cables Division
  • Non-Conventional Energy Division
  • Surana Telecom & Power Ltd
  • Aluminum Properzi
  • Heat Shrinkable Cable
  • Power Division
  • Infrastructure
  • Surana Tech Zone
  • Surana IT Park
  • Goa IT Park